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Fresh Milk Production Line

Fresh milk is also called pasteurization milk or pure fresh milk. The raw material is fresh cow milk or goat milk. It is a liquid milk that is purified, standardized, homogenized, pasteurized and cooled and can be drinked by the consumer directly.

Classification of the Fresh Milk

1. Classified according to the package: Glass bottle, plastic bottle, plastic coating carton, plastic film and multilayer extrusion coating paper (aluminum foil)

2. Classified according to the sterilizing way: Low temperature long time sterilization milk (LTLT), high temperature short time sterilization milk (HTST) and super pasteurization milk.


Fresh Milk Process Flow

This system is composed of five sections:

1) Water Treatment Section:

Pool---Quartz Sand Filter---Active Carbon Filter---Mechanical Filter---One Stage Reverse Osmosis---Ultraviolet Sterilization---Sterile Storage

2) Raw Material Process Section:

Fresh Milk---Preheat---Purify the Milk

3) Milk Blending Standardization Section:

Blending---Pasteurization---Homogenization---Sterile Storage

4) Filling, Packing and Second Sterilization Section:

Filling---Second Sterilization

5) CIP Cleaning Section:

Use water to prewash---Use alkali liquid to wash the milk dirt---Use clean water to wash the left alkali liquid---Use acid liquid to wash organic matter---Use clean water to remove all the remains---Input steam
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